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We offer comprehensive solutions for offset printing and packaging to our valued customer base. Our product portfolio includes printed packaging for value-added tea exports, gift & presentation boxes, pharmaceutical & fast-moving consumer goods, consumer durables & protective wear, food, beverage & tobacco products, apparel labels & tags for global brands, coffee table books, and point of sales material.


Tea Packaging

At Aitken Spence printing, we believe that first impression is the foundation for a lasting business relationship. This is why we make an extra effort to understand the needs of our customers and ensure that the products delivered meet the full expectations of the customers. Shorter lead times and complete production solutions under one roof have taken us one step ahead of our competition. Almost all leading international tea exporters in Sri Lanka have already placed their trust in us.

Aitken Spence Printing has been chosen by apparel companies for printing and supply of tags, labels, collar cards, inner boxes (with or without windows), stickers, wrap bands, cascades, booklets, and other packaging products for many international brands. Over the past decade, we have printed and supplied millions of packaging products for the apparel industry.


Apparel Packaging


Pharmaceutical Packaging

We take utmost care in ensuring quality and accuracy in manufacturing packaging material for pharmaceutical giants such as GlaxoSmithKline and Hemas etc. Similar to the products packed inside the packaging material, Aitken Spence Printing assures safety and quality are not compromised at any cost.

With continuous advancements being made technologically and otherwise, we cater to tight deadlines and detailed product specifications. As a top printing partner, we possess the ability to make Just in Time (JIT) deliveries and guarantee 100% dependability while keeping with the highest quality standards as monitored by our electronic QMS and verifications.

What’s more, our financial stability and backing enable us to take on large-scale manufacturing without hesitation, making us your trusted partner for all your FMCG packaging needs.

Our success as a packaging services provider for the FMCG segment is backed by the portfolio of leading brands in the domestic market.


Fast Moving Consumer Goods Packaging


Food Packaging

We take pride in manufacturing packaging material for the food industry by adhering to hygienic practices and ensuring that the manufacturing environment is maintained clean and tidy at all times. We are also in the process of obtaining the Food Safety Standard Certification (FSSC) requirement from a recognized body.

Milk powder brands such as Anchor, Ratthi, Pure Dale, Bonlac, Lakspray, Highland & Maliban have placed their confidence in us.

What sets Aitken Spence Printing apart from all other printers in the market is our level of precision in the total product offering, simply due to the fact that the production is done in an automated environment. The ability to add value in various ways is also another aspect in which we excel and operate with high-volume, longer-term contracts.

Leading local and global brands such as Gold Leaf and Navy Cut are some of the tobacco brands we supply the packaging material for.

The market leader in alcoholic beverages, Distilleries Company of Sri Lanka (DCSL) has also opted to work with Aitken Spence Printing because of our consistent quality together with flexibility and the range of value additions.


Beverage & Tobacco Packaging


Gift & Presentation Boxes

Gift & Presentation box manufacturing has given us an expansion to our product portfolio which in turn has given our valued customers a wider range to select their packaging requirements from. We supply gift & presentation boxes for global tea brands, confectionary products, apparel, and personal care products.

Publications have been our forte since its inception and Aitken Spence Printing is well known for its high-quality printing and finishing of magazines, annual reports & coffee table books. Our fully-fledged pre-press is equipped with multiple Apple Macs and designated workstations dedicated to publications. We go a step further and provide a lucrative environment called the “Art Café” where writers can convert their thoughts into prints.

Our automated finishing process is what adds the ultimate value to publications.  We have been the printer for coffee table books, and leading magazines such as Explore Sri Lanka, International Tea bulletin, Complus, Architect Sri Lanka, Vasthu, and many more.





Consumer Durables & Protective Wear

Across diverse industry segments, we have become the preferred printing partner for the manufacture of packaging material for Consumer Durable products. We tailor-make our printed packaging material to ensure the safety of the product whilst ensuring high-quality standards. We produce a range of cartons for electrical switchgear products (with or without windows) and personal protective wear products such as glove and facemask boxes.

Aitken Spence Printing has been preferred by many customers to print wall & desk calendars, notebooks, diaries, leaflets, posters, booklets, danglers, and gift bags, etc. With digital printing capabilities, Aitkens Spence Printing also prints letterheads, business cards, dockets, etc.

As a top printing partner, we possess the ability to make Just in Time (JIT) deliveries and guarantee 100% dependability while keeping with the highest quality standards as monitored by our electronic QMS and verifications.


Stationary & POSM

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