Current Job Opportunities


Class ‘A’ Machine Operator

Department / Division:- Press

Educational / Professional Qualifications:-  G.C.E O/L


Special Attributes / Competencies Required:-
• Good communication skills.
• Good interpersonal skills.
• Ability to work long hours on a shift basis and under pressure as and when required


Major Duties & Responsibilities:-
• Operate the machine and process each job within the scheduled time
• Obtain required approvals prior to processing jobs
• Label pallets to ensure the correct identification of processed pallets. i.e. good /red /black
• Cleaning of the machine and the work area.
• Ensure quality and quantity of output produced in the Machine
• Responsible for minimizing spoilage, waste, and manufacturing costs
• Enter details into Machine dockets and update them accurately.
• Maintain approved samples and sheets for reference.
• Responsible for maintenance of required machinery settings/standards



G.C.E O/L With relevant experience


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