Towards a greener tomorrow ...

Our dedication to producing printed materials in an environmentally friendly facility spurred us to build the first purpose-built LEED Gold Certified Printing complex in South East Asia. The carbon status of the facility has also been assessed.

  • Sustainability Policy

    In business for more than 55 years, Aitken Spence Printing not only strives to be a high-quality printing services provider to its clients, we also pride ourselves on being good corporate citizens. We are continuously striving to find sustainable resources and more efficient technology, new processes and procedures, and participating in a variety of environmental initiatives in order to promote and support sustainability in the printing industry in partnership with our suppliers, vendors, clients, and employees.

  • Health and Safety

    • Well trained safety coordinators oversee in-plant safety and compliance with government regulations and requirements. 
    • All processes and procedures have been aligned to ensure health and safety of products produced by the company and health and safety of all employees and communities. 
  • Initiatives

    Sustainability initiatives are monitored and directed by the Sustainability Sub Committee which includes members from senior Management and a mix of employees from other areas of the business. This dedicated interdepartmental team is tasked with researching and implementing sustainable initiatives for both the company and the employees

  • Environment impact

    Aitken Spence Printing & Packaging’s new print factory is located at Mawaramandiya, eight kilometers from Kiribathgoda and x kilometers from Colombo. Built on 3.5 acres of land, this 100,000 square feet complex is one of the best laid out factories in the country. In terms of environmental impact, one of the key elements is that it has been built along the lines of the green concept and is a LEED Gold certified factory.  The factory has an effective built-in work flow, reducing down time and will see the production of 400 tonnes of material monthly.

  • Our Special Initiatives

    We are constantly testing new products in an effort to achieve the least environmental impact possible without sacrificing quality. Some noteworthy initiatives are to:

    • Use vegetable oil–based inks for printing. These inks are naturally low in VOCs (volatile organic compounds), non-toxic and produce fewer emissions. 
    • A variety of online and digital tools allow us to provide paperless workflow alternatives for our customers, on the pre-printing side of the operation, 
    • Reuse materials for packing goods
    • Ensure efficient delivery management system
  • CSR Projects

    A few of our recent successfully completed CSR projects:

    • Built Toilets and washrooms for Sunday school at Dheerananda Piriwena in Mawaramandiya.
    • Renovated Printing machinery and Press area of the Blind School in Ratmalana.
    • Renovated upper floor of the Dhamma School at Dheerananda Piriwena in Mawaramandiya.
    • Donated a fully equipped Computer Training Room to Dheerananda Piriwena in Mawaramandiya.
    • Printed and donated Garbage Collection monitoring sheets to Biyagama Pradeeshiya Sabha in order to ensure cleanliness of surrounding area. 
    • A three-year English and IT training programme for 60 eight-year-old students from neighboring communities. 
  • Our Philosophy

    ‘Everything that we need for our survival and well-being depends, either directly or indirectly, on our natural environment’.

     ‘Sustainability creates and maintains the conditions under which humans and nature can exist in productive harmony, thereby fulfilling the social, economic and other requirements of present and future generations.’


    In line with these principles, Aitken Spence Printing has identified ‘Sustainable Product & Process development’ as one of key strategic attributes for success of next generation manufacturing. 

  • Initiatives to mitigate environmental impacts:

    • Reduction of water end-use with efficiency fixtures & harvested rainwater use
    • Reduction of artificial lighting with day lighting 
    • Efficient lighting and controls
    • Efficient Air Conditioning 
    • Reduction of heat with heat reflective roof and paving for driveway 
    • Efficient waste management system
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