The Sri Lanka Institute of Packaging conducts the Lanka Star Awards competition annually as an integral part of its endeavors to promote excellence in packaging and is aimed at stimulating interest in improving packaging standards in Sri Lanka. Locally produced packaging materials, consumer packages and transport packages of outstanding quality are selected by a panel of experts for the awards of Gold, Silver, & Bronze stars. 

The distribution of awards and certificates to the Lanka Star 2015 contest winners was held on the 11th November 2015 at Kingsbury Hotel, Colombo. Total distribution of awards was 19 Gold, 36 Silver and 16 Bronze selected from 110 entries submitted by 20 companies. Out of this Aitken Spence Printing bagged 3 Gold, 2 Silver (one Silver was for 3 entries) and 3 Bronze awards for their entries at this event. Aitken Spence Printing submitted only 10 entries and all entries were able to win awards.