The office staff and the management of Aitken Spence Printing and Packaging took time off their busy schedules to enjoy the comforts of Heritance Ahungalla and also to enjoy the beauty of nature around the hotel.

On the 05th of July 2014 at 2.30 p.m. two busses filled with enthusiastic employees of Aitken Spence Printing and Packaging left their factory in Mawaramandiya to enjoy time off work with their mates at the annual excursion. This year a total number of 100 employees took part in the excursion with 11 new recruits.

This annual excursion serves as a team building event and an event where the fresher’s are made welcome into the Aitken Spence Printing and Packaging family after their “fresher’s item” which everyone awaits for eagerly. Our Managing Director Mr. Prasanna Karunathilake addressed the gathering to give a brief of the current status of the company and to congratulate everyone for their hard work.  All fresher’s were welcomed in a loving manner through and after the fresher’s item and thereon it was a gala party atmosphere till the dawn of Sunday.

Sunday was the day to explore the beauty of nature surrounding Heritance Ahungalla, and what better way to do that than travelling by boat in the magnificent “Maadu River”. After the ‘River Safari’ the employees enjoyed the brilliant buffet at the hotel and then enjoyed the last few hours of the excursion by spending quality time with their colleagues by the pools at the hotel.

All in all the annual excursion 2014 of Aitken Spence Printing and Packaging served as a great team building and familiarization event for all individuals while also being a relaxing time off work.