Extended Enterprise Management through systematic continuous improvement

Aitken Spence Printing started exports more than a decade ago by getting in to a partnership with Wilkins in England. This gave us the opportunity to produce all folding box board packaging required for leading international brand “Marks & Spencer”.

We were able to leverage a flexible network of Wilkins Group to provide competitive advantages of speed, cost, quality and agility. Following recent case explains how we have delivered such service to our valuable partner.


It was more than 1.5 million packs with 63 verities and all are almost alike aesthetically. Difference was just a small text or size (again text) variation. In general we print, die-cut and deliver the products to Wilkins Sri Lanka Plant as semi finish goods, but for this particular project we had to do end-to-end process. Considering other mix, customer has given one month lead time to complete the job. 


Important task of the process was to re-map the total manufacturing process to build quality assurance design into the process in order to mitigate major quality risk of product mix-ups.

Pre-press team has come up with cost effective and efficient imposition and planning mechanism. Proper palletizing methodology was established throughout the processes by the manufacturing team. Most importantly final inspection team was educated and trained as dedicated manufacturing cell. During the initial execution, the quality team of the customer has visited, audited and approved the process to kick-off. 

Overall visibility of the process being established and efficiency and quality status updated at relevant operation areas on a daily basis as dash board. Initially there were few non-conformities, raised by customer and immediate corrective actions taken. As the upper stream of the production planned done as per push planning framework and at breaking and sorting process was done as per pull plan demanded by the customer, the organization was able to maintain both efficiency and flexibility at acceptable level. 


It was a real example of synergy optimization. It was a real example of value engineering. It was a simplified approach. More than that, we were able to extend enterprise management through collaboration with customer. No single end-customer complaint on mix-up or any other product quality issues. Customer has already confirmed the repeat order.    

We have realized that continuous improvement is not a part of the business process, it the process itself. 

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